How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel

March 5th, 2013 by Tatiana

I have done a lot of travelling recently and I can’t help but notice how much I use my iPhone on my trips. Its battery dies quite quickly and I do not know what I would do without my beloved Mophie, which not only serves as a pretty case but also gives my iPhone twice as long battery life. Before booking the actual trip, I look for hotels (as S is usually in charge of hunting for flights!) on the phone whilst being on the tube or having a coffee. Then, I wait for an email confirmation on the phone, as it is a lot easier to reach then checking my inbox on the pc. Next step, after checking if the flight information is displayed on the BA application and after checking-in on the phone, need to make sure that the boarding pass is displayed properly on the Iphone screen.

At the airport, at the beginning of the trip,  it all starts with checking in on Foursquare, yet another social network I use (obsessed, I know), then using iPhone to show my boarding pass, then, after security, when there is still time until the flight, I browse the web on the phone, with a coffee in the lounge. Why not check Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to kill some time?

During the flight, I use it to listen to the music, I even have a special take off song! I also make some notes or write down my thoughts and use Kindle app to read some books on the plane. A few seconds after landing, it’s time to check-in on Foursquare again and add a new airport to the list of airports I visited. Then, need to check what happened in the world during the flight when I was not “online”. This is my usual routine. When travelling, I use my phone for everything – taking photos, editing and uploading them on social networks, checking weather or directions, looking up places to visit, making restaurant or activities reservations, browsing the web, reading the replica handbags uk news, finding out all necessary info, checking email, chatting with friends, sending sms and making phone calls. I feel awkward without my iPhone and I admit to being addicted to it. But I am sure I am not the only one like this.

I know some may think it is silly, especially when you go on holidays and are supposed to be away from your usual routine. On top of this you are left with not a very small phone bill either. Why? We all have our quirks and this is certainly one of mine. Or it was until I found this infographic called How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel made by My Destination  which made me think that I am just a victim of the latest trend.  And I very like replica handbags uk. I much more prefer to think of myself as a trendy person rather than an addict ;)

Looking at this infographic, I am not sure I agree with the part showing the usage of free WIFI at the airports simply because I can’t think of many airports where you get free WIFI. Unless they mean free WIFI in premium lounges which are mainly used by frequent travellers. But then, flight information is usually quite well visible and announced by the people at the desk there. I never heard of Couchsurfing and will be doing some investigations as soon as I finish this post. Hipmunk sounds cool too, especially that I have a complicated tour around China to plan :)

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