Patterns of Marrakech

January 22nd, 2013 by Tatiana

When in Marrakech, it is impossble not to notice beautiful tiles and mosaics. They are everywhere – from tables and walls in cafes to arches and windows in palaces. In Islamic world figures and people do not feature in the art and instead artists use striking geometrical patterns. My creative task during the recent trip to Marrakech was to snap the variety of designs.
It all started with a unusual table design in the hotel.

That was the brightest mosaic  I have seen there. Then the majority of mosaic tiles I saw were mainly of green, orange, white and blue colours. I found out that this type of art is called zellige and it has been present in Moroccan architecture since the 10th century as the symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Red colour was added in the 17th century and these tiles are a lot younger and look noticeably more cheerful and playful:)

Complimenting the tiles and mosaics there were pretty wood carvings in bright colours. Wouldn’t earrings in such a pattern be beautiful and unique?

I also couldn’t resist the beauty of the painted flowers.

Bringing all these design ideas together, Moorish architectue has rounded arches, Arabic calligraphy, plant and flower designs, and decorative tiles. Just look how stylish and majestic they are.

The Ben Youssef Madrasa beautifully combining wooden carvings with zellige tiles made a very strong impression on me. And oh, somehow my whole outfit matched the architectural tones and I swear it was not on purpose!

Even from the sky Marrakech looked like one enormous zellige masterpiece.

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