Off the Beaten Track

October 2nd, 2012 by Tatiana
What a start of the week! Heavy rain, strong wind, gloomy grey morning, leaves falling from the trees. Autumn has arrived..To make my day brighter and warmer I put on my beautiful embroidered boots and wrapped myself in a shawl which I bought in Peru. A lady came up to me and asked where I got these boots and her facial expression after I said “Peru” suggested that she did not know where this shop was.. So, I made it easier for her “South America!” Good news though that they predict a colourful autumn because of the big amount of rain recently and sunny days before. I cannot wait to go somewhere [ ... ]

Miami Birthday Part 2

July 29th, 2012 by Tatiana
Everybody would agree that the sun and good weather mean a lot when going on holidays. I always feel sorry for tourists in London when the weather is bad. And it’s NOT always raining here contrary to what many people think or say. Talking about weather, I knew that it would be warm in Miami in January, I was not sure about it being sunny or stormy. Florida, after all, is a thunderstorm capital of the US and I have seen some impressive storms there. Although no big storm happened during our stay, the days were quite humid and gloomy, with big heavy clouds and rain here and there [ ... ]
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